This is the online help of the game Real Hospital. You will find all the essential knowledge here to enjoy the game. Click on the menu button above to find guidelines in specific area.

You will find:

- Symptoms for each illness.
- Learn how to distinguish similar illness
- The treatment detail for each illness
- Procedure for plastic surgery (coming soon)

Name: Common Flu
Symptoms Yellow Sputum, Stuffy nose, Tinnitus, Pale
  Fever, Chills, Joint Pain, Sore Musle, Belly pain
  Cough, Running nose, Sneezing, Limbs fatigue, Headache
  Low Appetite, Faint, Headache, Fatigue, Lost of voice, Heavy Fever
  Intolerance of cold, Body Pain, Sore throat, Hoarse voice
Similar disease(s) Dengue Fever, H1N1 Influenza, Bird Flu,