This is the online help of the game Real Hospital. You will find all the essential knowledge here to enjoy the game. Click on the menu button above to find guidelines in specific area.

You will find:

- Symptoms for each illness.
- Learn how to distinguish similar illness
- The treatment detail for each illness
- Procedure for plastic surgery (coming soon)

Name: Nephritis
Symptoms Itching skin, Gut pain, Vomiting, Spasm, Diarrhea
  Fatigue, Indigestion, Faint, Poor appetite, Emotional
  Sleepy, Headache, Dark skin, Peeling, Little urine
  Thirsty, Fever, Losing weight, Poor appetite
  Rough Skin, Pale, Drinks alot
Similar disease(s) Chronic Renal Ffailure, Water Diabetes, Kidney Stone,